Make a sociogram in minutes

A sociogram is a diagram of interpersonal relationships within a group. This group is an elementary school class. Each student has nominated three classmates that they admire. The arrows point to who they have nominated. Their circle size and color is determined by their nominations.

We notice several things about this class:
  1. The group contains a tight subgroup of six girls on the right side with no links out to the rest of the group.
  2. Michael is isolated, with no nominations at all.
  3. Emily and William occupy central roles and both bridge subgroups.
Sociograms help you gain insight into group dynamics.

I built a webapp to make building sociograms quick and easy. The core principle is to allow data entry and editing of the graph contents like a spreadsheet.

Here is a screencast demonstrating how to use it. Get graphing with LeaderboardX.


  1. Very nice tool, outstanding in its ease to use and its dynamics. Brilliant you can move people afterwards to group the class. How about negative selections? Any chance to get this in as well? Sympathy is not always symmetrical. Alas.

    1. Hi Neupy,

      Thank you for the feedback :)

      I've made an initial anti-endorsement version that allows you to select a link then SHIFT click on the link to convert it to an anti-endorsement. This causes the link to push the nodes apart. See this short video of how it works:

      To try it out please visit:
      This has the in-development changes I'm thinking about that haven't been put on this site yet.

      Please let me know if this is in line with what you would expect from negative selections, or if you see an opportunity to do it in a better way.


    2. opps the link didn't paste well here it is: